The clever way to separate

Centrifugal separators have been an essential part of the manufacturing program since the company‘s foundation in 1893.
New applications have constantly been added to the production schedule as a result of the continuous program of research and development and the know- how acquired over 110 years.
Application-oriented,innovative solutions in machine design and process engineering are available for the mineral oil industry, chemical industries and for biotechnology and pollution control.
Back in 1907 the centrifuge was first used for the purification and dewatering of mineral oil. Since then, thousands of centrifuges have been used in this
application for the reliable and economic treatment of fuel and lube oils. Nine decades of experience in this field form the basis for today‘s state-of-the-art treatment plant concepts.The following development
trends show the continuous treatment of fuel oil, lube oil, sludge and waste water.