GEA separators are available with different types of drives: gear drive, belt drive, direct drive and integrated direct drive. The later is the next genuine stage in evolution in the separator construction process and works without motor shaft, gear, belts, coupling and motor bearing. The smaller number of installed components not only reduce the energy losses – they also reduce the maintenance costs, thus enhancing the availability of the machine. The space requirement of the integrated direct drive is approximately one third lower than is the case with equivalent gear or flat belt machines.

GEA separators with integrated direct drive can also be used in a very flexible manner. The bowl speed is infinitely variable within a specific range without change in transmission ratio. In addition, the maintenance process itself has been very much simplified. For instance, it is possible for the spindle to be taken out of the bearing housing only by loosening the bolts. The innovative design of the integrated direct drive also enables the motor to be replaced complete with the drive within only a few hours when maintenance work has to be carried out – this is time which is very valuable and which can be used productively elsewhere.

GEA clarifiers for industrial fluids have been designed for the purification of fuel, lube, diesel and hydraulic oil and the treatment of waste oil and MARPOL liquids. The clarifier of enclosed design is equipped with an oil level sight glass and driven by a 3-phase AC motor. Power is transferred to the bowl spindle via a flat belt. The hood of the clarifier is hinged and all bearings are splash-lubricated from a central oil bath.


New GEA Marine Separator

GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH officially present you with the latest revolution in centrifuges: the GEA Marine Separator!!!

No more belt drive & clutch – the motor is directly coupled to the Bowl!

GEA’s experienced engineers have once more pushed the limits, by setting new standards on the design of marine separators.

The result is a revolutionary solution with integrated direct drive, an extremely simple service concept, compact design, more capacity per square meter of floor space and intelligent connectivity.

Unlike conventional separators that rely on inefficient conventional motors, clutches and belts, the new GEA Marine Separator is designed to make separator servicing easier.

The benefits are astonishing:

  • Gear drive maintenance interval extended to 16.000 hrs
  • Energy savings up to 30,000 kWh per year
  • Adaptable to the latest fuel
  • 360° accessibility of the machine
  • Ready for Hot separation add-on
  • Complete drive exchangeable with factory reconditioning
  • Ready for smart connectivity
  • Smaller footprint by 50%

At the end of the day, Proven Quality meets Service Simplicity!!!

„To push the limits, you first have to challenge them.“


GEA E-type Separator

The separators of the OSE series have been designed for the treatment of cooling lubricants, washing liquids, oil-water mixtures, lube oil, fuel oil, waste oil, etc. Water, oil and fine particles are simultaneously separated. Water, oil and fine particles are simultaneously separated.

Reduced operating costs resulting from longer engine and component life, fewer oil change intervals and disposal volumes

  • High throughput capacities
  • High separation efficiency thanks to GEA softstream inlet
  • Controlled and rapid solids ejection due to GEA hydrostop
  • Minimized weight, space requirement and energy consumption
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Low noise level due to the belt drive